How it works?


Coaching is for any couple who wants to connect on a deeper level with their spouse. It is for married couples or those contemplating marriage. Marriage coaching is not only for couples who are struggling, but for any couple at any stage of their marriage.

  • Marriage

    America has about 4% of the world’s population and over 50% of the world’s divorces. MarriageNow is passionately committed to help couples connect and protect their relationship.

  • Military Marriages

    We also want to help military marriage survive the challenges of being separated for great lengths and stay connected and passionately in love. MarriageNow is committed to provide marriage-saving tools to military couples and military chaplains.

  • Singles?

    About half of the U.S. population is single. MarriageNow is committed to help singles put themselves in a posture that will help them to attract and select the right mate. Learn how to screen and prescreen potential mates and dates. We hope to reduce sex outside of marriage and reduce the number of children born out of wedlock thus reducing the poverty rate.

  • Single Again?

    God hates divorce because of the adverse effects it has on couples and their offspring. Many divorced individuals have given up on marriage altogether due to the painful failure of a previous marriage or marriages. MarriageNow is committed to helping divorced individuals recover from the emotional toll from broken relationships and rediscover hope in the marriage covenant.

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  • Parenting

    For most of us, parenting was on the job training. Most of us never had any training for parenting and made many mistakes along the way. Parenting requires lots of time, energy, and wisdom. MarriageNow is committed to teaching families by helping you connect with your kids and train them in the ways of God.

  • Blended Families

    Blended families present unique challenges due to the trauma of divorce on couples but also on the children. Discover practical steps you can implement in your family that so help ease the tension among stepparents and stepchildren while building healthy relationships with your biological children.

  • Leadership

    Because fatherlessness has plagued our country, it has created poverty and a tremendous leadership vacuum. MarriageNow is committed to raising up individuals to become leaders in their home, community, places of worship, business, school, sports team, etc.


“Strenghthening the world one marriage at a time”

  • 1. Reduce the number of out-of-wedlock births thus helping lower the poverty rate
  • 2. Reduce the divorce rate in America and worldwide.
  • 3. Support and promote traditional marriage between one man and one woman.
  • 4. Assist in rescuing girls, women and boys enslaved in sex trafficking.
  • 5. Provide coaching for married couples.
  • 6. Publish books on marriage, relationships, and parenting.
  • 7. Enthusiastically communicate relational truths utilizing television, radio and Internet.
  • 8. Conduct seminars on marriage, parenting, and successful single living.
  • 9. Prepare singles for marriage and educate them how to stand above from the crowd.
  • 10. Educate and encourage men to be leaders in the home, marketplace, and place of worship.