What is Marriage Coaching?

Marriage coaching is like having a fitness trainer who will help you get to the next level; a level you couldn’t have gotten on your own. We come alongside you and help you get to the next level in your relationship with your spouse. Marriage coaching is practical and will equip you to overcome marital problems successfully. It will also help you overcome issues that may have stemmed from your family background, past relationships, and physical or emotional abuse.

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How is Marriage Coaching Accomplished?

When you come to an impasse in your relationship with your spouse, we can be there to assist you. You will be amazed at the results if you apply what you learn. While assistance via email or social media can be very limited, we offer coaching for couples who want to meet face-to-face, by phone, FaceTime, or Skype. If you live in the Greater Atlanta area, we’d be happy to meet with you in person.

Who Should Consider Marriage Coaching?

Coaching is for any couple who wants to connect on a deeper level with their spouse. It is for married couples or those contemplating marriage. Marriage coaching is not only for couples who are struggling but for any couple at any stage of their marriage. Gaining understanding and relational tools will help you prevent future problems and view things from a whole new perspective. If you value your marriage, you will do what it takes to protect it and nurture it. You don’t need to be struggling to consider marriage coaching.

Why Marriage Now?

Steve and Jane Hutchinson are trained counselors with well over 20 years of counseling experience. Steve has also received his doctorate in counseling. Together, Steve and Jane have helped hundreds of couples navigate through marital struggles and pre-marriage preparation. With their experience and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, they can get to the heart of the problem and offer sound, biblical counsel that will greatly help you and your marriage.

Do You Offer Pre-Marital Coaching?

Absolutely! This is the best investment any engaged couple can make into their marriage. Dealing with problems before they surface and being aware of potential problems will be a huge benefit for newlyweds. Many people get married and spend thousands for catering, hundreds on a cake and flowers, hundreds for a DJ, and nothing on counseling; something that actually will help more than all of these combined.

What About Confidentiality?

MarriageNow will abide by all confidentiality ethics and laws. We respect your privacy and dignity. Marriage coaching is a private matter and we will honor the trust you have placed in us.

Can I Do This Without My Spouse?

Yes! Although marriage coaching is best with you and your spouse present, we understand that not everyone is open to marriage coaching. Nonetheless, your spouse may be inspired by the changes in you that they may want to join you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Coaching will cost some time, money and effort. While most counseling centers charge well over a $100 dollars per hour. We want to make things much more affordable. We believe you and your spouse will greatly benefit. We offer our services for a donation. Here’s what we recommend:

  • $40 for a 30 minute coaching session
  • $60 for a 60 minute coaching session 

Depending on your income level, you may want to do less or more. Although MarriageNow is a non-profit organization, donations for marriage coaching is not tax-deductible since a service is being provided. Donations can be made securely through our website, by mail or in person.

What Does Coaching Entail?

You set the goals and the agenda for your coaching sessions. These are customized to meet your needs and tailored to meet your goals. It is important to discover the disconnect and discover real solutions that will strengthen your marriage and help you understand your mate better. We can discuss topics such as communication, conflict, sex, romance, finances, family, work/career, personal goals and dreams and much more!

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fill out the contact information at the right of this page and we will contact you right away. At that point, you can immediately schedule a coaching session. Please include the time that is most convenient in the comments box along with any helpful situation regarding your situation.