Steve and Jane can speak to various crowds and can capture an audiences attention for long periods of time if necessary. Steve and Jane would be great to utilize for church or business seminars, retreats and conferences, workshops, or church services. Steve and Jane use visuals, video clips and plenty of humor to convey serious, life-changing truths.

Marriage Seminar
In this lively and informative seminar, couples will be sure to laugh and be challenged to connect on a higher level. Couples will also motivated to understand each other more deeply without fear of judgment or criticism. Expect hearts to heal and see the romantic flame begin to glow again.

Parenting Seminar
This seminar will equip parents to raise G-rated kids in an R-rated world. Our goal to help raise children who truly fear the Lord. Parents will be given practical guidelines for connecting with their children. Parents will learn their parenting style and see why children will adopt the values of those who will give them the deepest relationships.

Singles Seminar
“Finding the right one… being the right one” is the theme of this creative and energetic seminar based off the book, Me Tarzan, Could You Be Jane? Singles of all ages will be equipped with practical strategies of standing above the crowd and attracting a potential mate. Singles will also discover unique ways of screening a potential date and mate.

Leadership Seminar

There is a huge leadership vacuum today. Learn what a leader is and how to lead in your home, business, church, and community. Learn your leadership style and ways you can expand your influence.

Health & Healing Seminar
Fit For the King and God’s Healthcare Plan are two topics covered in this insightful seminar. We will discuss “God’s part” and “our responsibility” when it comes to personal health. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and actually belong to God. Learn which foods can be the deadliest. You will learn tips and the importance of diet, exercise, rest and much more! This is guaranteed to change your life!