Steve and Jane have done a fantastic job of addressing relevant marriage issues and offering time tested principles that will bring hope and encouragement for any couple. From the standpoint of their own experiences and through honest transparency, this book offers practical guidelines and solutions for staying connected to one another in all levels of relationship, or reconnecting if the marriage partners have drifted apart. This book is a must-read for any couple at any stage of marriage, as well as being a great addition to the resource collection of any marriage ministry.

Jimmy Evans, Speaker & Author
Marriage Today
Dallas, Texas


“Steve and Jane Hutchinson have hit a home run with Me Tarzan, You Jane. It is one of the best books I have ever read on marriage and relationships. It’s engaging, funny, brilliantly practical and perhaps most importantly, it is REAL! If your marriage is solid, this book will enhance it. If your relationship is in trouble, this book will provide a step by step road map for developing the skills necessary to thrive in the jungle of love. A must-read-and-use for those who provide counsel to married couples. I plan to give it to all couples I marry as a gift for their future together.”

Dennis Heber, Speaker
Bible Revivals, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio


“In order to have a good marriage, you are going to have to put the right ingredients into it to get the right results. When you put the right things in; such as God’s Word God’s way, you will have a marriage that will rock the planet and be the witness that God would have you to be to your family and friends. Steve and Jane, in their years of experience, have learned the recipe for a great marriage. Everyone that reads this book and applies it in their life will be blessed by the results”.

Jim Cobrae, Pastor
The Rock Church and World Outreach Center
San Bernardino, California


“Perhaps one of the most prevalent myths among those heading toward marriage is that happiness will just somehow automatically happen. Scripture says, though, that “through wisdom a house is built” (Proverbs 24:3). In Me Tarzan, You Jane, Steve and Jane Hutchinson have done a fantastic job of providing a manual for couples wishing to tap into great wisdom that will enhance, strengthen, and improve marriages. Their approach is very down-to-earth, and allows readers to self-evaluate throughout the book. Their work is highly informative, extremely enjoyable, and if their principles are applied, I believe it will be greatly transformative as well. I am pleased to recommend Me Tarzan, You Jane to you as a great tool for marriage enhancement.”

Tony Cooke
Tony Cooke Ministries
Tulsa, Oklahoma


“This book provides a creative blend of practical, philosophical, and spiritual perspectives and mandates on marriage. For successful couples, it is full of reminders and encouragement. For those needing some help, there are instructions, ideas, and inspiration.”

Dr. William Truby, Superintendent
Lamar County Schools
Barnesville, Georgia

“I am blessed to know Steve and Jane on personal level and I was blown away when I read this incredible book! It is life changing and impacting! I look forward to making it available to my people!”

Joe Cameneti, Pastor & Author
Believer’s Christian Fellowship
Warren, Ohio

“This is truly the best book on marriage that I have ever read to date. Rarely do you find people in the ministry that are able to be honest enough to help people in a very sincere, honest and candid manner. In this book, Steve and Jane Hutchinson provide spiritual and practical help for those who are willing to receive it. In a resource that has been written with humility, class, and the fear of the Lord, I believe you will be directed into a new season of marriage.”

Antwan Smith, Pastor
Impact Christian Center
Beavercreek, Ohio

“Steve and Jane in their breakthrough book, Me Tarzan, You Jane gives everyone at every level of marital “success or stress” the nuts and bolts necessary to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime! You will love their humor, honesty and transparency that makes this a must read book for all couples desiring a marriage made in heaven that can be lived out on earth. Steve and Jane are not only outstanding marriage authors but amazing Marriage and Relationship speakers as well!”

Dr. Paul Endrei, Pastor
Church on the Rise / Marriage Author
Cleveland, Ohio


“Me Tarzan, You Jane is masterfully written with multiple pathways of renewal for any couple. Steve and Jane have uncovered and beautifully arranged timely truths that will aid the reader in formulating a strong and lasting marriage. Their forty-day strategy is absolutely a winner!”

Louis Kayatin, Pastor & Author
Church on the North Coast
Cleveland, Ohio

“Me Tarzan, You Jane is not only a clever, honest, transparent, biblical look at marriage, it is a manual on life. Many people will benefit from the wide range of situations, practical advice, and wise counsel that is found in this book.”

Bishop F. Josephus Johnson, II
Presiding Prelate of the Beth-El Fellowship of Churches
Senior Pastor of The House of the Lord
Akron, Ohi


“Once I picked up Me Tarzan, You Jane I could not put it down. It is full of one truth after another. In an artful combination of light humor, serious philosophy and biblical truths, Steve and Jane get right to the heart of marriage. Both encouraging and constructive, I would highly recommend Me Tarzan, You Jane to any married couple, engaged couple or anyone even remotely considering marriage.”

Rep. Kristina Roegner
State of Ohio Representative
Hudson, Ohio


“It’s a jungle out there”… especially for marriages! As the Hutchinson’s point out in their new book Me Tarzan, You Jane, the home front is often filled with hurtful separation, rampant divorce, desperate households, lonely little league-ers and cheerless cheerleaders. First Peter 3:7 says, “husbands dwell with your wives according to knowledge.” Many men possess a degree of love, but no knowledge…Jane, with a broken heart, has little positive to respond to.

But wait! There is light at the end of the tunnel…and it is not another train. From the bed to the budget, Me Tarzan, You Jane brings hope beyond the scope of human limitation.

As seminar leaders and presenters, Steve and Jane Hutchinson bring in-depth simple concepts and do-able content to any faith-based or corporate audience. Me Tarzan, You Jane is forty days of proactive steps to take a good marriage to great or breath life and hope into a challenged relationship. It is an honor to recommend the Hutchinson’s and their excellent book is simply outstanding.

Van Crouch, Speaker & Author
Van Crouch Communications
Wheaton, Illinois


“Our vision of Tarzan is one of him swinging through the jungle on a strategically positioned vine, beating his chest, roaring that distinctive, ululating yell while maintaining possession of his loincloth. Tarzan rescues Jane and in broken Jungle English tells her what she wants to hear and off they go blissfully vine-swinging together. Ah, you’ve gotta love American TV! But don’t panic, I have good news for you.

Steve & Jane Hutchison’s, Me Tarzan, You Jane will give you the answers you need to put the jump back in your jungle and the joy back in your Jane (or Tarzan). While the marriage journey can become challenging – be encouraged, inspired, gain fresh and practical perspectives, and ready yourself to laugh, to learn, and grow together with the love of your life like you have always hoped you could… Let the Willing Read On!”

Lynton & Judy Turkington, Pastors
Celebration Family Church
Raleigh, North Carolina


I just finished reading the book & I have to say thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice in writing this book. It has truly changed my life. It causes me to think about the condition of my marriage and family life daily. Thank you again!

Ryan Lopez, Assistant Pastor
Lakewood New life Church
Lakewood, Ohio


I laughed and cried the whole way through the book. It wasn’t until I read
Me Tarzan, You Jane, that I realized how awful I was treating my husband.”

Dr. Lori Leonard
University Hospitals
Cleveland, Ohio